Accessing SAP from the iPad or iPhone


Accessing SAP using an iPad is a breeze with the app SAPPLAPP. Setup is very quick and easy with nearly full functionality available to the user. I have an SAP IDES ECC 6 system that I access with the iPad and iPhone.

The caveat is that the ITS-Server is installed and running. If you are running ECC 6, the ITS-Server was delivered with the SAP installation. The developer website lists two SAP Notes that may be helpful. I have links to both below.
SAP Note 517484
SAP Note 698329

Basically, on the network where you access SAP through the SAP GUI, try accessing http://:/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui. The host is the server name you find in your SAP GUI setup and the port is most likely 8000.

The instructions below work the same on the iPad and the iPhone. Obviously, the iPad is much easier on the eyes.

1. Launch the application.

2. At the SAP list screen, simply click the plus ‘+’ sign in the upper right hand corner to create a new SAP server connection.
sapplapp System List

3. Enter the SAP server information and save.
SAP System Setup

4. Now, just tap the SAP Server you want to connect with and you’ll be brought to the main SAP menu.
SAP Menu

I have found the app to be very useful, especially when I have needed to take a quick look at something. I look forward to when iPhone OS 4.0 arrives with multitasking and Juniper SSL VPN. With that combination I should be able to access every client from the iPad or iPhone.

For further information, take a look at the developer website.

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  1. I’m a little confused why you need an App to do this. It appears to just be using the SAPGUI for HTML via the ITS. You could do the same thing just by saving the URL as a favorite in Safari and save yourself $0.99. Or am I missing something?

    Thomas Jung, 2010.04.28
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  4. this post is very usefull thx!

    emt training, 2010.05.13
  5. You’ve done it once again. Superb writing!

    Kent Ledbetter, 2010.05.28
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    Emily, 2010.06.02
  7. this post is very usefull thx!

    Amy, 2010.06.04
  8. In response to Thomas Jung’s comment: because if you enter the ITS URL into a Safari Browser on an iPad you get the message “This browser is not supported”. Similarly if you run the portal and try to launch any web gui transactions from within the portal.

    Adam Miles, 2010.07.01
  9. Adam miles

    Did you find any solution for SAfari to support webgui?

    Gopi, 2010.08.04
  10. It should be made more clear that this Apps enhance the SAPGui for HTML (AKA webgui) managing the user settings only.
    The limitations of the SPAGui for HTML are still there. For example, the ABAP event AT-LINE SELECTION (double-click) doesn’t work because iPad/iPhone manage it as zoom-in / zoom-out.

    SergioFerrari, 2010.09.07
  11. I have no block with Safari. It is simply necessary to add ~USERAGENTCHECK=0 parameter to the webgui url.


    I suggest a rename to ‘SAP Logon Pad’ for your app 🙂
    from Milan, Italy

    Luca G., 2010.09.07
  12. Hi

    We have a VPN connection and I want the sales Team to be able to access sap and a server for technical data

    How do u recommend this?

    Bhavin, 2010.12.22
  13. Yes, it works very well over a VPN connection.

    tavshed, 2011.09.13
  14. Hi, I had try sapplapp but with no luck. It seems there is version related problem. We use sap 470 and when iPad make connection the result on screen is only the field where can type transaction and the button bar on top. Other stuff wasn’t render (tree menu, grid,alv, buttons ecc). Also popup like the one for logoff are shown empty:only border an the close icon, no confirm/cancel/yes or no buttons.
    I think that is a problem linked to safari and mozilla-like web browser because if i try to use IExplorer all work well. Anyone have got same problem? any trick to solve?? Thanx Gianluca

    Gianluca, 2011.05.18
  15. I am able to use the SAPGui for HTML.
    Is there any work around for the “double-click” for the At-Line-Selection ?

    waiming, 2011.08.25
  16. I wish I had better news, but not that I know of.

    tavshed, 2011.09.13
  17. Tried to download SAPPLAPP for my IPHONE and it is no longer available on ITUNES in the US Store – – any ideas when it will be or why it was removed??


    SAP GUY, 2011.11.29

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