Java version of SAP GUI available from SAP


If you are looking for the latest version of the java SAP GUI, the link is below.

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Accessing SAP from the iPad or iPhone


Accessing SAP using an iPad is a breeze with the app SAPPLAPP. Setup is very quick and easy with nearly full functionality available to the user. I have an SAP IDES ECC 6 system that I access with the iPad and iPhone.

The caveat is that the ITS-Server is installed and running. If you are running ECC 6, the ITS-Server was delivered with the SAP installation. The developer website lists two SAP Notes that may be helpful. I have links to both below.
SAP Note 517484
SAP Note 698329

Basically, on the network where you access SAP through the SAP GUI, try accessing http://:/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui. The host is the server name you find in your SAP GUI setup and the port is most likely 8000.

The instructions below work the same on the iPad and the iPhone. Obviously, the iPad is much easier on the eyes.

1. Launch the application.

2. At the SAP list screen, simply click the plus ‘+’ sign in the upper right hand corner to create a new SAP server connection.
sapplapp System List

3. Enter the SAP server information and save.
SAP System Setup

4. Now, just tap the SAP Server you want to connect with and you’ll be brought to the main SAP menu.
SAP Menu

I have found the app to be very useful, especially when I have needed to take a quick look at something. I look forward to when iPhone OS 4.0 arrives with multitasking and Juniper SSL VPN. With that combination I should be able to access every client from the iPad or iPhone.

For further information, take a look at the developer website.

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