Omaha Maker Group


My son and I started attending the Omaha Maker Group ( meetings a couple of weeks ago. The group formed only a couple of months ago and meet the first and third Tuesday of the month.

We were not sure what to expect the first meeting we attended, but were happily surprised how much we liked the people and what the group wanted to gain from forming.

We attended our second meeting last nigh and I initiated a discussion about using open source Asterisk to run your own PBX. I felt the discussion was well received and went well. I look forward to initiating more discussions in the future about different topics.

What I like most so far is how well a group of people, mostly students and young professionals, have included my 8 year old son. My son’s interests can be found in others of the group and instead of me trying to figure out everything to keep ahead of him, the group has people that have a great deal of knowledge already. I’m looking forward to continuing with this group as it grows and to see how the group is able to enrich the individual members knowledge.